P. Mauriat System-76 III Professional Alto Saxophone


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This special System-76 3rd Edition Alto was created under the collaboration of the P. Mauriat team and contemporary jazz legend Greg Osby. This wonderful instrument is based on P. Mauriat’s System-76 design and is constructed with features to fully capture Greg’s sound concept and playing style.

  • Cognac lacquered body and keys.
  • Silver plated body-to-bow ring, bow, bell, low keys, thumb rest and hook.
  • Hand-engraved bell, bow, body and keys from the Low-C to Bb.
  • Comes with either a sterling silver or silver plated nickel silver Super VI neck.
  • Gold plated resonators.
  • No lyre structure.
  • Double arm C and Low B keys.
  • No High-F#


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