P. Mauriat PMXA-67R Professional Alto Saxophone


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There are many excellent horns available today but P. Mauriat’s 67R alto with genuine rolled tone holes is still regarded as a unique instrument by many horn enthusiasts 10 years after their first release. As the name implies, the special feature of these horns are their structurally integrated, unitary rolled tone hole —which means they are not created by soft soldering a separate metal ring onto the body. P. Mauriat’s proprietary manufacturing method allows to use the material from the body itself to roll the tone hole edges out, creating a one-piece unitary body that has not received unnecessary heat treatment and therefore no potential drawbacks associated with solder-joined components. The resulting tone is one that is free and resonant, uninterrupted by extra work done on other rolled tone hole saxophones.

  • Super VI neck
  • Large bell
  • Unitary rolled tone holes
  • Hand engraved bell and bow — extra engraving on unlacquered model
  • Genuine abalone, dark pearl or mother of pearl key touches — depending on the finish
  • Professional class
  • Gold lacquer (GL), dark vintage (DK), cognac lacquer (CL) and unlacquered (UL) finishes
  • Low-Bb to High-F# range


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